HP for the satelllite developed in Kagawa University.


"STARS-II" consists of Mother Satellite (MS) and Daughter Satellite(DS) control by arm link motion using tether tension is possible.

Main missions are follows.

(I)Electro Dynamic Tether (EDT) deployment by gravity gradient. EDT is deployed by initial velocity applied by the deployment springs, after stabilization of MS and DS attitude under the docking condition. Andthen, whole systemcan be stabilized by gravity gradient.

(II)Electrical current gathered by EDT. Electrons in space plasma are gathered by EDT which is a bare tether, and they are emitted from DS. As a result, electrical current is passed through EDT.

(III)Attitude control by arm link motion based on tether tension due to gravity gradient. DS controls its attitude by arm link motion using tether tension (on EDT), which is applied by gravity gradient.

(IV)Tether deployment and retrieval by tether tension control. EDT is connected to Kevlar tether at its end. By tension control of Kevlar tether by the reel, relative positions of MS and DS can be controlled.

During missions, camera pictures are taken by MS and DS. Especially, DS can take a picture of MS, and It will be much interested. Pictures are transmitted to ground stations through amateur radio frequency

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